Hellberg/diTargiani Workshops and Corporate Coaching

The ABC's of Collaboration© and The 3C's of Leadership©

Our custom-designed, interactive workshops engage teams in a process of gaining Awareness, changing Behavior, and leading with Care - which we call the ABC's of Collaboration©.

For Executives and Boards, we offer workshops on the 3C's of Leadership© - Clarity, Commitment, and Care.

Our ongoing coaching then integrates the ABCs of Collaboration© and 3C's of Leadership© into teams and organizations.

When teams collaborate and leaders grow, employees become grateful and emotionally invested in the work they do. As a result, companies dramatically increase harmony and alignment and accelerate productivity and success.


Our workshops are interactive half-day or full-day sessions followed by ongoing coaching and include:

·       Adaptive, responsive programs focused on team and individual needs

·       In-person on-site group coaching and professional development

·       In-person and/or over-the-phone coaching for professional and personal growth

·       Ongoing feedback loop providing management insight into the true feeling state and cares of their workforce

·       Executive Summary comparing baseline data to post program data including retention, engagement, productivity, and sense of trust          

Coaching has shown an ROI of almost six times the program cost, as well as a 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, and 61% improvement in job satisfaction, per a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives. Additionally, a study of Fortune 500 telecommunications companies by MetrixGlobal found executive coaching resulted in a 529% ROI concluding "coaching is not just perceived as a nice-to-have intervention."