Hellberg/diTargiani Workshops and Corporate Coaching

A Powerful Tool for Your Business


“Fantastic seminar. By far the best we’ve ever had in 9 years.”

Andreas Kuehlmann, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software Integrity Group, Synopsys Inc.


“Helge and Mark designed an amazing day of coaching around the topics of teamwork, awareness, and leadership. They were able to hold the attention of 125 top executives from all over the world for a full day of learning and collaboration - something we’ve never experienced before at our annual seminar retreats.”

Mike Haas, Director, HR - Software Integrity Group, Synopsys Inc.


“I have grown as a leader since working with Helge and Mark. When I first saw them speak, I wanted to work with them as soon as possible because of the energy and vision they share.”

Dhaval Blatt, CEO, Resonate.ai


"Helge is an amazing Executive Coach. I am able to constantly improve as a leader and support my team in the best way possible so we are setup for success. I've had two prior coaches and I can say I have never grown as much with them as I have with Helge. It's hard work and you'll see results."

Caitlin MacGregor, CEO, Plum.io