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Helge Hellberg

is a professional coach, business consultant, and author. Helge offers Executive and Leadership Coaching on professional development, team building and collaboration, as well as strategic advice on marketing, communications, and messaging, to ensure alignment - the successful implementation of strategies and the economical, ecological, and cultural harmony of all projects.

As a coach, he combines deep intuitive listening with a multitude of methodologies and research-based systems. He is well-versed in various psychological, spiritual, and physiological studies and concepts; from Buddhism to Jung, from Landmark to the Hoffman Process, from Native American Vision Quests to holistic nutrition. He is a Co-Active Coach, lay-ordained Buddhist teacher, and Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor.

His contributions and projects have been featured in TV segments and articles on CNN, ABC, and CBS, the Huffington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Mother Earth Magazine, as well as local SF Bay Area television stations, magazines, and newspapers.


Mark diTargiani

is a professional coach, teacher, sales consultant and poet. Mark helps teams work better together. He has been coaching and teaching in various fashions since he was in high school. Mark has taught in schools, has worked in private companies and public companies and has run his own businesses. He advises startups to create their initial sales messaging and to build their first sales teams. Aligning stories with strategies, his impact influences all parts of a company from sales to product to finance.

Mark’s experience being coached inspired him to become a coach. Having seen how his life evolved, Mark now commits himself to helping others open to their own passions. As a corporate coach, Mark works with companies to reward their employees with coaching programs designed to continue their personal and professional development, develop their ability to effectively collaborate, and enhance their engagement with their employer. He is becoming a Co-active coach and is a graduate of the National Speaker’s Association Speaker’s Academy.

Mark speaks regularly about relationship building, team building and coaching. He has shared his poems through various mediums and is currently working on publishing his first collection of poems, Dilemma of an Ex-English Teacher.